Getting customers to your website can seem very difficult. This is especially true when you have built a website or social media page and are frustrated because it seems like no one cares or is interested. You are there but nobody is clicking? Why? The problem is actually nobody can see you. Ads fixes that.
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Ads can bring you sales FAST with AT LEAST a 100% increase in traffic in less than a month and works 10X FASTER than SEO

Features Include

  • There are so many people starting a business the number of user accounts online are so many it is difficult to find you without some form of marketing to get you found. Running Ads can help get you lots of visitors quickly and increase your dramatically increase you ability to make a sale.
  • Ads are essential to modern day businesses in order to be competitive in the markets when selling products on Ecommerce sites and attempting to grow quickly.
  • Any Ads are paid at the end of the month. We have ways to offer discounts for the 1st month using vouchers and coupons that we acquire from around the web that will give you the BEST Ads results for the money you put in.
  • Connecting Ads to Google Analytics can help monitor the interactions on the website and, combining Google Ads and Google Analytics together, can provide a business a greater understanding of who is interacting with the website, what they are interested in on the website, which pages are the most popular, and what content really keeps people on a page or section of the site the longest. The Ads will show how much of those users resulted in sales. Combined, the systems provide a greater understanding of a site‘s visitors, their interests, and extremely useful insights into how to get them to buy something on the website.
  • The more you spend on Ads the better the result. However, a small amount greatly increases your growth per month so NWD highly recommends Ads as an excellent option to getting more sales and increasing your marketability online.
Ads are extremely important to getting sales in 2021. Running Ads can help you gain sales up to 10X faster than SEO.

Setting up Ads can help you make it through the first year which is crucial for many startups because roughly 20% of businesses fail in their first year.

Customers want to buy your products and love what you are selling. You just need to make it easy for them to find you and your products will do the rest. People can sell anything these days.

Ads can make you competitive against your competition which causes an increase in brand awareness and publicity. Competition is good for the industry and can get you noticed and found by people which can secure good partnerships and business deals.

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