Ads Needs to Know the Target Market, Landing Pages Need Good SEO ...

The best landing pages often combine Ads, SEO, and design together to bring in the most traffic and use social media as the source of traffic. The most effective landing pages target prime social media targets full of marketable prospects, or potential clients.


A landing page is important to any ads campaign that sends a user somewhere. Any destination for an ad is a landing page. This is true even if it’s not a website. A landing page is anywhere the ad takes the user who clicks the ad.

So what makes a good landing page?


  1.  Must be simple in design
  2. Targeted to reach your client’s (guy who’s paying you the money to do the job) market
  3. Able to function on its own and improve its own ranking by itself


  1. What is your target market? Do you know what your target market it?
  2. What business industry do you operate in?
  3. Do you know your price points and client budgets? If so, what are they?
  4. Do you know their demographic information like age, race, ethnicity, and so on? If so, please provide it.
  5. Are you already running an Ads campaign? If so, what are your targets and goals for this Ads campaign?

Once you know these questions you are ready to start building a successful ads campaign using the client’s market to develop an effective marketing strategy.

#1: Simplicity in Design

A design being simple is probably the most important part of a landing page. If a landing page gets a lot of traffic and the design is complicated or has too many links a user will just leave.

Making sure a user can quickly get to where they need to be is crucial in the success of any landing page.

Clear & Descriptive Wins Every Time

A good example of a landing page design:

A landing page should be clear and descriptive. It must have a goal. The goal needs to be easily understood by the user visiting the website. Any distractions such as extra links may cause a user to click something other than the target or goal of the landing page.

If there is a navigation bar all links must be to advance the user towards completing the goal of the landing page. In the case of the WesCare Transportation website in the link above, the goal is to get the user to call or email the business. This means all attention must be focused away from other aspects and onto why the user should be calling WesCare Transportation.

This means having a screen share meeting with the client and working together on the landing page is a great way to work on getting the idea of the landing page across correctly. The client always has the correct vision for the project. Asking the client and working together on the project always results in a better landing page than just doing it by yourself.

Planning the design is the first but also the most important step.

User Interaction

Also identify where user interaction is most important. Sometimes it may make more sense to place a contact form or booking right at the top of the page depending on whether the idea of the content is easily understood.

For example, if you are working for a financial services company and they need a landing page to convert clients into bookings it makes sense to place a booking button in the center of the header that way people can book when they visit.

If they need more information they can scroll down and see more information. But, if users already know they need a financial advisor it makes sense to allow them to waste no time and to book an appointment. Especially if bookings are free. No reason for them not to book a free appointment if they need a financial advisor!

Technical SEO Setup on Landing Page

SEO is a Competition

is the 2nd step and is necessary for getting traffic on the landing page grow by itself over time. SEO stands for search engine optimization and is the technical process of getting a website to improve its visibility on tools like Google search and Bing search.

But how does SEO work? It uses a ranking system.

Search sites rank websites according to how well they follow best practices, the latest standards in design and development, how many and how well distributed keywords are on a website, page titles and descriptions plus images and their alt attributes. All of these are incredibly important for ranking sites online.

There are also ways to rank down a website including not being mobile-friendly, having a small amount of text content, and even having too many links close together. SEO is difficult because it is very specific. Everything needs to be exact with a website in order for it to rank high. A high rank means the website is technically better than other websites which is why it gets a higher ranking.

Only the BEST Earn Top Honors

When a website ranks higher than others it means Google thinks it is a better website because it follows all the best practices, works good on all devices, and follows all the necessary policies. SEO is a competition to get the best search ranking possible based on how skilled you are at building pages, websites, and content.

Grow the Traffic Organically Using Ads

Ads work in tandem with SEO and will automatically create a lot of backlinks, or links that bring users to the page but exist off of the domain the landing page is on, by nature increasing SEO over time. The longer you keep the ads running the stronger your SEO will become. In fact, you also want to be posting the link all over social media, in emails, and on websites as much as possible because the more you post the link the more your SEO grows over time.

SEO is technical and is difficult to do for people without experience. Ninja Web Design recommends hiring a professional to handle SEO because it is a time consuming task that is much more difficult to do than people realize at first glance.

Ance SEO is done it normally takes 4 – 6 months to see results but with ads running that can shorten the time considerably for any resuls to take effect. Results usually means the goals of the SEO campaign.

This article from Forbes, a leading news website confirms how long it takes for SEO to work:

Because SEO takes so long ads is crucial to any landing page system to ensure the wait time is minimal and results happen sooner than the 4 – 6 month time frame.

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