WordPress is Easy, but Sometimes Custom is Better

We will examine when a packaged solution like WordPress is better than a web application and what the differences are between the two. Sometimes it is better to stick with custom app development even though in 2021 there are so many website builders and no-code is becoming more popular every day.

While building a website most people only focus on the look of it. But the actual ability of the site to generate traffic is much more important to the overall design than the look. After extensive experience in the field of website design, I have learned that sometimes it’s okay to not overhaul a design that is okay but generates a lot of traffic. Traffic is what converts to sales and, believe it or not, looks aren’t everything. A good user experience, or how a site is to the user, can always beat design.

Don’t get me wrong, though. A professional looking site is incredibly important. Nobody is going to buy a professional service from a website that looks like it belongs in a Disney or Pixar movie. But when building any site features and functionality matter much more than overall appearance.

So, what makes a better user experience? Does a WordPress site work better or an app?

Many people would think a fully custom solution would always be better than a packaged solution but this is not always the case. Lots of time and effort go into anything custom built. That means if that project takes 2 years to complete there is a chance it is already out of date by the time it is released. This means the client wasted 2 years of pay for developers to build a project that was essentially a waste of time.

This issue can be further exacerbated upon realization that a packaged solution using WordPress has the plugin or feature that was being built and it was a very intuitive design. This means that it would have been a much better idea to simply go with a packaged solution like WordPress with the plugin necessary to accomplish the job in this example.

However, that does not mean it will always be the case …

JavaScript makes some of the most popular apps today. Building a custom app will inevitably make some use of JavaScript. It’s everywhere. So, it’s a good example.

Front End Development is the process of using code to custom built a website without a website builder. This custom built website can be very time consuming. So, why not use WordPress? It’s faster and gets the job done just as good as any custom built tool.

That is incorrect. Anything custom built can get rid of many of the features of WordPress you never use on a daily basis. Think of all the tools that are in the current WordPress packages and then think of getting rid of everything you don’t need so you are only paying for what you need and any money spent gets 100% put into apps and features you use every day instead of features that literally never get used at all like in WordPress.

This means the quality of the app is much higher, the tool is proprietary so nobody else has it, and all the website features are much more simple and intuitive. A simple website is a better website. Anytime you have to ask for help is a failure in design. Design should be simple and self-explanatory. Once you have to ask for help it’s not working correctly.

So, Front End Development is better when the service you need requires something that is not found as a plugin or in a pre built solution. Front End Development is also great to remove the extra bloat and features that are being paid for that people never use. So, a Front End Development app is more costly up front but saves any business more money over time because it gets rid of useless features so you are only paying for what you need instead of everything at once.

So, what about the future of website design? What is the future? Applications are becoming the norm. WordPress is actually a web application built in the programming language PHP. All of the website builders are actually advanced web applications managed by a team of professional developers. The world is embracing apps in ways people don’t even know exist.This means the future of website is apps. The difference between WordPress and Front End Development is not whether it’s an app but whether it’s a custom app.

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