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Hersh Enterprises LLC – New Current Site (Nearly Completed!)

This website is a Vue.js site built onto a node.js app. This website uses API, also called Application Programming Interface, to connect with WordPress and communicate with both the server and the database built in SQL installed onto the website CMS platform.

WordPress Has a Phone App!

The WordPress phone App allows users to create posts and update content on blogs using their phone. It’s useful for small development projects.

SEO in HTML: Tips + Tricks

SEO in HTML requires a delicate touch. Unlike WordPress it requires more of an understanding of SEO and the technical requirements of the job.

How to Code an API Blog

Ever wonder how those web and phone apps ever got those news articles from the web and displayed them for you every day? I will show you how!

Pug for JavaScript: Why Use It?

Pug is a great JavaScript pre-processor for HTML. It makes coding web applications a LOT easier for mainstream JavaScript coders. I strongly recommend it because of it’s feature set.

Vue 3 Has Released

Vue 3 is scheduled for a phased release and the final Vue 3 will be fully available by the end of 2020. I will be doing an in-depth review of Vue 3 and comparing it to Vue 2 soon. Stay tuned for more content.