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Reach a whole new market with apps designed for Apple, Android, Windows, Mac, Linux, and more devices
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Payment Systems, Information Security Systems, Graphical User Interfaces, User Account and Management Systems, Blog Systems, E-Commerce Systems, + Much More available.

Features Include

  • Apps allow you to reach markets websites can‘t so your customers can buy from wherever they are
  • Custom-built mobile Apps, desktop apps, web apps are designed to your exact specifications and offer custom built features you won‘t find anywhere else.
  • Sell your products, write blog posts, and build custom features you request. Can‘t find that plugin in WordPress that does what you want? We‹ll build it. Or maybe you have an app on the phone that doesn‘t have any way to store user accounts? We can build that. We build whatever you ask. With code, anything you want is a possibility. We have a network of team members and connections that are available when you are to build your app.
  • CMS stands for Content Management System. WordPress and Wix are CMS tools and are designed with a GUI, or Graphical User Interface, to make it easier to manage content in an application so that users who don‘t know any code can build and maintain a website or app. But, these tools are often limited to whatever pre-built functionality is included in the system. WordPress offers thousands of plugins but each one is only as customizable as the developer who built that plugin intended it to be. To add features to that plugin would require a developer who can modify code.
  • Hiring a web development company to manage your apps and websites allows a company to focus solely on making sales instead of having to do many things at once. Time is money in business and when a business allows itself more time in forging deals and less time managing their online services they spend more time making money and less time wasting it. A web development company makes you more money by reaching more people and leaving the pros to handle the jobs you don‘t know how to handle effectively resulting in better products and services to your customers which increases customer satisfaction and happiness, increased sales, and an easier to manage business with services and tools that minimize the unnecessary bloat of commercial tools like WordPress and Salesforce. WordPress and Salesforce are often packed with too many features to use. A service that has more features than you are going to use is a bad system for the money. You would be wasting your money paying for services you don‘t need instead of paying the same amount of money or less for a better quality version of Salesforce features that you actually like to use every day over other features you don‘t need.
Leads can only be as good as the tool that finds them

Websites are a tool. It‘s how you use them that matters

Plugins are a useful way to add functionality to a website. Many are free to use.

Apps can be linked to a website and its database to allow customers to have access to that information without having to open a web browser.

Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) are tools that allow a user or admin to manage their user accounts and information without having to know any code. WordPress has a GUI. Most major websites have an account. A GUI is a user dashboard where you can change settings. It is very useful to have your own proprietary dashboard with custom built settings that you can modify yourself.

Customer Resource Management (CRMs) systems are crucial to capturing and converting leads. Sync your business CRM or marketing tool directly to your website and get people to subscribe so they can get more information about your content. Once they are interested you have them hooked. That‘s the BEST way to sell. Interest and content is key.

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