What if Complex Alien Life was Real?

There are so many planets in this universe. How can we possibly be alone? Recent news suggests 9 out of 10 distant planets that surround our solar system contain the necessary building blocks for complex life. That means most of the distant planets have what’s necessary to support humanity right now as I am writing this. So, is it so impossible to assume we are out there somewhere?

I have an interesting theory…

What if humanity is actually brought here from other worlds? That would be consistent with much of the stories from ancient times about humanity worshiping Gods? Could it be possible the “Heavens” meant in the sky? If that is the case then it isn’t a figurative or metaphorical explanation of what we can’t see but instead a more literal and real depiction of what they were seeing.

Now, as crazy as this sounds at first, we are in the process of developing technologies to travel to other worlds in spaceships. We can do it so if there are humans before us, why not them to? Why couldn’t these other humans that were around before us not used this Earth as a means of a “backup” Earth where they can come to if their star is about to die?

Let’s say I was a leader from another world and I wanted to ensure humanity survives and scatters about the universe. There is one huge problem with that. The universe is very dangerous and many killers lie in silent waiting to strike. Black holes and supernovas are only a few of the dangers that await humanity beyond the atmospheric veil. But, if we plan to travel to other planets once our star dies or if a cosmic disaster threatens us, we’d save ourselves. But there is only one problem with that theory and it’s how many worlds are capable of containing human life?

Apparently, tons of planets are capable of containing human life which allows this theory to not only be possible but very likely. In fact, all these stories of Gods could just be men in suits of armor or space suits using their power to control us. It’s possible because of how many worlds their actually are in the universe. It’s not crazy to assume humanity could have existed before us and we could have been the “scouting party” for a human species looking to save itself from the death of a distant star in a galaxy that contains a planet that sustains life. It’s even more possible because of how likely it is to find a planet we can live on right now.

To make it even more interesting we are currently looking at cloning humans and understanding the human mind to a point where consciousness can be planted into a machine as a way to save the lives of people who have issues with their bodies. Think about a world where we already can do that and replace consciousness. We can transfer a person from one mind to another and use cloned human bodies to keep us alive for all eternity while the universe expands.

We’d use the planets that are able to sustain human life to leave in the case there is a massive cosmic danger and we’d flee and save ourselves from impending doom. These other planets would contain the seeds of life and all we’d need to do is plant them and wait. We’d watch them grow and guide people until they are ready to have us visit them. Once they are intelligent enough to understand they can accept us without war or fear and we would be able to coexist and share technologies because we are the same.

So, that’s a way for the religious books of Earth and the science to make 100% real and logical sense. Because if I was God speaking of this to people 2,000 years ago they would understand nothing at all. It makes more sense to say nothing considering they would be too unevolved to grasp the content.

It’s also possible that any of the Angels in the Holy Bible could be super-evolved humans with “powers” that are because they are cloned throughout centuries. These men can be 100% human and still 465 billion years old. That would make them have DNS far superior to ours and might cause them to be drastically different even by normal human standards. They might be stronger, tougher and genetically superior to the rest even though they are only human.

Even more interesting is how these Angels and figures from biblical texts and the like always exhibit some sort of monstrous presence. Besides Catholicism other religions always depict a creature instead of a man. But, if that person was using armor or some type of fear tactic it would be very useful to keep humans in line by just showing off. Using a show of force works today in order to shut up people that would otherwise fight back.

It’s possible that we could be God this whole time but we would never know because we are too unevolved and tribal. We are not ready yet. We have to become better. Of course, our DNA unlocks the key to cloning and eternal life. In this case, if this was true, to revive our whole family line we would only need a strand of hair.

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