Disney+ Is Likely to Beat Netflix

Disney+ is cheaper ($6.99 per month), offers HD and 4K included, and has high quality content. Netflix starts at $2 more ($9 per month) and forces SD resolution on you. Netflix offers HD and 4K but forces you to pay more and Disney+ offers a nice bundle for $12.99 per month that includes Hulu and ESPN+ which many are considering to replace cable TV and its expensiveness.

Netflix is turning into the EA of movies and TV. If anybody knows gaming, EA was once a lovable and friendly company which served quality content at affordable prices to consumers. Now, Netflix is becoming as hated as EA. That’s not a good sign for the company because customers have other options. If something is too expensive they will just look elsewhere and there is nothing to suggest Netflix will not continue to lose followers in this way.

Recently, it was reported Netflix was losing subscribers and it makes sense if the price of Disney+ is so much lower and includes a bundle TV option. The Disney movies and TV shows are claimed by many to be the best in the world. Even worse, Marvel TV was pulled from Netflix before Disney transitioned to its Disney+ service. That makes Disney a sure bet for many people out of the gate. Not to mention Disney has a loyal and dedicated fanbase who always go to theatres to watch the newest releases. It seems like Disney+ is off to a great start.

Great pricing, great content and great bundles! What more could you ask for?

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