For many years the Intel line of CPUs was overall a better processor than the AMD models. Why? Because the line of Intel CPUs was more powerful and provided better technology. I remember back in the 2000s, the Intel CPUs always outperformed the AMDs at the same price point. True, the Intel CPUs contained bad graphics card but if you ever intended to work on a computer for any reason to play games or work with CAD and tools that used graphics heavily, you’d just buy a separate graphics card. It made sense because the AMDs were more for the budget conscious at the time. Now, the AMDs are becoming a better processor than Intel, here’s why…

AMD processors are still just as budget minded as they always were. But now they also included better graphics than Intel chips. Intel’s onboard chips are considered by many to be God awful and are not able to support any current software needs well. AMD’s onboard graphics chips are much more powerful than the Intel chips and because AMD model processors are cheaper, they are better options for the budget conscious who are not looking for high-end systems. The AMD line of processors generally give you more for your money.

Intel currently leads the performance CPU market. But, the gap is narrowing. AMD processors are closing in on Intel I7 architecure and AMD is still providing a lower cost to compete with Intel. AMD and Intel are generally neck and neck when it comes to processors. Both cater to their own loyal buyers. But, AMD and Intel are each different.

So, which is better for you? Depends on what device you use. If you want a chip that performs better than everyone else’s than it makes sense to attempt to buy an Intel processor. AMD generally performs worse than Intel per core. But, they offer more cores for the price. What does that mean? That generally means the Intel will run better if the same number of cores are used. So, if you pay $60 per core for an Intel processor and an AMD processor sells at the same price, the Intel will be faster “per core” than the AMD processor. The AMD processor would need more cores to be at the same level of performance with the Intel processor. Why? Because Intel processors are faster. But, that speed comes at the higher price.

AMD is a great choice for anybody who needs a processor but doesn’t need every single core to be the fastest one available. What do I mean? Well, if you want to play a game on PC that requires a lot of power but you don’t want to pay a premium for it, getting an AMD cpu at the same cost as the Intel alternative is a good option if you make sure you buy a processor with “more cores” than the Intel processor. More cores will allow the AMD to run at the same speed despite the better performance of the Intel line of CPUs. Also, if you have a good graphics card, you might be able to avoid needing an Intel CPU because Graphics, RAM and CPU all work together. So, sometimes you can avoid needing a “perfect” CPU by checking to see if your RAM and graphics card are up to date. If they are great then you can avoid needing to upgrade to some very expensive CPU option because you have enough performance all-together to run the game you want.

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