The Standard of Future Games Should Follow Suit

If we have all of the games on both the Xbox and PlayStation consoles cross compatible the battles would be epic and it would fuel sales. The problem with the console space is its not together socially. There are so many ways to consider competing against each other in a world where all gamers are connected!

Currently, in Fortnite, we can invite friends from other platforms to play in our game. But, what if all games allowed us to play in the open world with people from all platforms available? That would allow us to be in the open world and to just discover someone randomly playing using smartphone which opens up new possibilities if this kind of idea becomes the mainstream.

I love the idea of having PC, console and phone all connected in a way that would allow us to compete against each other no matter which device we’re using. Plus, with game streaming the idea is starting to become more of a reality where we can finish a game on PC and continue it on smartphone which allows us to test out which platform is best and put that to the test in epic confrontations for platform supremacy.

PC gamers love to consider them the master race. Well, why not put that to the test? When Xbox One X has graphics equal to PC in many cases who is the better gamer; Console or PC??? Or maybe who’s better; Xbox or PlayStation??? Or maybe who’s better; PC vs Xbox vs Switch vs PlayStation vs Phone vs Tablet. It just keeps getting interesting thinking of teams supporting their own platforms and getting sponsorship deals directly from Xbox ( Ninja??? ) or PlayStation. It can be a very interesting move if this becomes mainstream… and it should. Why not?

This is likely to increase customer spending on video games and its content in general. When more people are hyped up for a new technology or innovation it fuels the industry. Right now, people are talking about this a lot and it’s surely going to fuel sales and this is the perfect time to start thinking about making cross-platform a mainstream requirement for all games in the future. This way, gaming becomes a more socially shared experience and that feeds back into the economy and helps the global markets, especially in the time of a nearing global economic recession.

It also improves the gaming industry by reducing the divide between the “PC Master Race” and the regular guys on consoles. By doing so we can increase sales on all platforms. There would be more likelihood a game would be released on consoles when the platforms are fused together in this way. This would allow for more of a reason for developers to want to sell their product on other platforms because of the potential sales increase if they do so.

I think this is a great idea that should be more mainstream and I’m disappointed it’s not, LOL!

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