My Top 5 Tips on How to Quickly Learn this Extremely Difficult Game

Dark Souls 3 is an incredibly difficult game. For those who do not know the history of Dark Souls it makes sense to learn about it before playing it. But you can just dive right in if you want to get brutally murdered. Anyone who plays Dark Souls is looking for a fight. This game is not for the faint of heart and is punishing to even the most skilled in video games. Do not take this game lightly as it will punish you when you least expect it.

The Basics

Dark Souls is an role playing game centered around the Unkindled One who is tasked with lighting the bonfires throughout the world. These bonfires are used to link the fire that will restore the light to the world. The fire is fading and because the light in the world is dying people are turning to ash. This ash is a metaphorical representation of the evil inside them. Their hearts are turned to ash. The fire restored will bring balance to the world and love and compassion will reign again. However, this only occurs once the fire is restored and that would take a warrior of unbelievable strength and tenacity. This warrior is you, the Unkindled One.

In order to play the game you need to know that each bonfire is a resting spot. Every bonfire in the game is used to save your current spawn point. In Dark Souls you never die but you always lose your souls. That makes it sound very easy to newcomers but in reality the opposite is true. Without upgrading your character it is impossible to traverse the world. The characters are too deadly without sufficient level upgrades.

In order to obtain level ups it often takes a lot of grinding (killing and scavenging loot from dead enemies) in order to obtain the souls (money) required to purchase level ups from the keeper of the Firelink Shrine.

See the walkthrough ahead in order to understand how to upgrade your character and where the keeper of the Firelink Shrine is located. It is a blonde woman who is draped in a grayish blue dress.

If you are new to Dark Souls 3 I would recommend sticking with the Knight class because it is the easiest to work with. It is a simple character with a long sword and heavy armor. This allows newcomers to get fully acquainted with Dark Souls 3 and the controls without putting advanced level skills in their way at first glance.

Tip #1) Always Plan Ahead

It may sound boring but planning ahead is crucial to survival in Dark Souls 3. Bosses are not the only enemies with intelligence. In Dark Souls every enemy is intelligent enough to be able to give you serious problems. You need to plan every move before you make it because the game is designed to place characters at ideal positions to kill you.

I mean that literally because From Software and the creator of Dark Souls Hideki Miyazaki pull no punches when designing enemies. Every enemy is specially tuned to be placed in the perfect position for maximum damage. It is very likely that an enemy looks weak. I have encountered many occasions within Dark Souls 3 where an enemy seems docile but is truly anything but. I made many mistakes during my long hours playing this wonderful game where I accidentally underestimated my opponent.

On one such occasion I moved forward to hit a basic enemy and hidden behind a wall were 5 others ready to pounce. It was a setup and my enemy was bait to lure me into a trap. I fell for it and was killed. That was a very frustrating loss.

If in doubt I recommend simply waiting and observing. Sometimes the key to a way around an obstacle in Dark Souls 3 is simply waiting. Observing an enemy’s movements can give you the right opportunity to strike.

I was in many occasions where simply waiting allowed me to avoid a squad of soldiers and take out enemy’s one by one instead of fighting them all at once. This allowed me to tackle much bigger situations while surviving longer. This was all because I decided to wait and watch to learn my enemy. Watching I learned his movements and intentions. Then I used it against him when he was vulnerable to be triumphant.

Tip #2) Level Up Wisely

A very important characteristic of Dark Souls 3 is the level up system. It is very important to level up as many stats at once. Never level up your favorite stat. Only level up your best stats. Early on in the game select your favorite weapon and stick to it. Each weapon has a specific characteristic that applies to it. If dexterity is the strongest stat on the weapon you will want to upgrade your dexterity because it will give you a dexterity bonus and help you deal more damage to your enemies.

Never try to wield everything in the game. Always attempt to have a specialty. Dark Souls is a game that punishes gamers who try to play a well-rounded character. Anyone who attempts to be well-rounded will suffer because enemies are all specialists in the game. In fact, upgrading your character to be a specialist actually increases your ability to deal damage and resist attacks.

That is a very sneaky trick that From Software and Hideki Miyazaki weave into the game that confuses newcomers. If you like using greatswords upgrade strength because it allows most greatswords a strength bonus. If you like daggers upgrade dexterity because daggers generally use dexterity to get a bonus. Archers use dexterity for bonuses and mages and magic wielders rely on faith and intelligence for their bonuses. Luck allows for more items to be dropped in game and has no other known effect.

Another useful note is each stat increases defense towards specific damage. Lightening damage is lessened with a certain stat. Every type of damage in the game has a stat that can resist it. Although it might sound confusing it is easier to simply choose the stat that works with your best weapons. From there you can get a hang of the game and later on understand the complexity of the level up system.

So for the newcomers always choose stats based on weapons and stick to them for the rest of the game. There is always armor that can help stave off any stat issues and damage resistance. When using the level up menu always remember that you want to become as powerful as possible. This means increasing the stats that give you the most benefits. Don’t worry if certain stats are not where you want them to be. If you are a greatsword user it may not matter if you don’t have high faith or intelligence. This is because when you upgrade your strongest stat you become stronger because the game favors a specialist character.

Tip #3) Each Enemy Has Weak Points

Every enemy in the game has weak points you can take advantage of. Lothric Knights are vulnerable on the side they hold no weapon or shield. If you are fighting a Lothric Knight attempt to circle it around its weak side and strike where it can’t defend. It will be open because the Lothric Knights never move their shield unless they are attacking which leaves it wide open for attack when they are not.

That is only one example. If you need more help consult this wiki for more information.

The point is every enemy in Dark Souls 3 is vulnerable to attack. If you are dying it is only because you haven’t found out there weak points yet. It could also be you need to level up. In this case grinding can fix that. In fact grinding can even the odds in almost every situation.

Tip #4) Use Special Weapons

Never sell a boss soul to buy items. In Dark Souls the basic weapons are garbage. You will want to use special weapons at every opportunity. In the Firelink Shrine sits an old man on one of the thrones by the bonfire. Talk to him. He will take the souls of your bigger foes in exchange for extremely powerful weapons.

These are the weapons that will win you Dark Souls 3. Never settle for less. Although you can upgrade other weapons throughout the game they will never be able to do as much damage as the Wolf Knight Greatsword.

Tip #5) Play With Friends

Dark Souls 3 offers cooperative play to assist gamers who are new. You can join a group of like-minded gamers and compete in tournaments and help each other improve. There is always a way to get help in Dark Souls 3. Just make sure to protect yourself from invaders because people can invade your game at any point.

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