Arkham Knight Is Slow No Matter What

Batman Arkham Knight was a game that released to great reviews back on the original Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles. It was a superb game with great graphics and gameplay. It was a masterpiece. But, the PC version suffered abysmal lag to the point it was unplayable at certain times.

People were clamoring for a fix but there never was any. Lag was so bad the game stuttered unless even mid-high end PCs used the Low graphics setting and there was still stuttering. So, recently Batman Arkham Knight was updated to remove the supposed cause of the framerate issue, Denuvo, which is basically a DRM-protection tool known to cause framerate issues in games released at the time.

So, they remove Denuvo, and it’s still lagging. In fact, there is absolutely no difference in performance at all, whether Denuvo is installed or not. The performance is almost identical which allows me to conclude Denuvo was just what Warner Bros used as a scapegoat to avoid any persecution in the gaming industry.

But, that’s a theory.

The facts are Denuvo removed solves nothing and the Steam version is a bust, end of story. Arkham Knight is still great on Xbox and PlayStation, however. So, if you haven’t played it yet, buy it, it’s great and probably very cheap now that so much time has passed.

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