A Few Weeks After the Launch of Google Stadia It Isn’t Doing So Well

Google Stadia – Launch Trailer

The launch of Google Stadia was so bad that it will likely be remembered as one of the biggest gaming blunders of the 2010s. There were missing 3rd party games at the launch of Stadia and some services didn’t even work correctly, either. Then, to compound matters, there were gamers complaining of connection issues to the service. It is massively overpriced so Google Stadia would have needed a perfect launch in order to sustain itself.

But, that’s not what happened. Instead, Google Stadia managed to suffer the worst launch I’ve ever seen. It was comical at best and the launch also suffered from disorganization which confused fans at the start. Whatever the reason Google Stadia had its issues I believe it is very safe to say they will not be Microsoft xCloud competition. I am sure Microsoft xCloud is solidly alone at the moment with a possible competitor in Amazon.

However, Google will need to recover from this one if they hope to gain some consumer confidence in order to mount a comeback. It’s possible considering Google has a large wallet to draw from. I do not think they will attempt it because of how it went but if they do I believe they will eventually be successful. But it won’t happen right away. It will take some time.

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