Running a Start-up can be a daunting task at first. There is so many things to consider from funding, investers and marketing to content, costs and capabilities. But, it’s actually much easier if you take things one step at a time and prioritize your most important to-do’s first and formost. Leave the less important issues for last. Why? Because tackling the most important and difficult things first leaves you a lot of free time for the less important issues later. For example…

Paying for the services required can be very costly. At first, using credit can be a good way to pay for some services because of how the return of investment later would offset the paid credit used at first. Now, most people would fear using credit in the beginning because of how the potential loss of business could affect future credit history if you could not pay it off. But, if you are attempting to be successful in your own business you have the weigh the pros and cons of not using credit to make your business more likely to succeed in the beginning.

If I didn’t use credit when I started, then I would not have been able to pay for and my hosting because when I started I wasn’t making enough money to continually pay for the service for as long as was necessary to usher in the sales required to sustain my business. So, in order to drive actual sales I had to figure out an easy way to pay it off. Credit. This is funny because it’s actually the easiest way and some consider the most dangerous. But, I found it’s less dangerous than many anticipated, at least for me. Why?

Because you don’t have to pay off credit until you have the money. Credit card companies can’t force you to pay any money you don’t have. That means you have the option to wait and pay off credit whenever you get around to it. Because of this tactic you can afford to have the credit used for your business when you start and pay it off whenever you can. Just be careful to not use credit for everything as ranking up too much credit will be daunting to impossible to pay off later. But, if you keep your credit in a good standing and attempt to pay off your bills as much as possible while attempting to work with creditors you can keep your credit in as good of a standing as is possible while building your start-up to sustain itself without oweing.

Credit in this situation can be a very useful tool. But, there is also how to keep customers coming back for more. Once you fund your business, how do you sustain your customers. I found using digital marketing helped me out. I used Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and other social media sites ( Mostly Facebook ) to drive customer engagement. What does this mean? This means something very simple: Driving traffic makes sales. When you drive customers to your site using social media they are engaged in the content you deliver to them. Whether that be videos, short stories, engaging articles or anything that can keep people paying attention to your site.

Why? Just because you start a website doesn’t mean people are going to come back once they see it once. You need a method of constantly connecting with your audience. Sales are made through constant contact. If you have a customer and deal with them once, the best way to continue making money is off the same customer. How do you do that? You bring them back to your site by giving them the content that keeps them hooked and focused. For me, it’s my blog which contains stories, technology posts and reviews, and ways to interact using Facebook, WordPress and my community. I usually have them read it. If it’s good they will most likely share it somewhere else or talk about it. Word of mouth is a powerful tool. You don’t even have to be liked to have word of mouth get around.

Another useful tool to run your own start-up. Consider getting involved in controversial content in a constructive and non-argumentative way. This is actually a great tool to promote your business. If you know how to communicate on social media while keeping friends and contacts consider using that skill to get involved in conversations where only the most skilled and knowledgable person wins out. It’s like a battle. So, try to use your words carefully to position yourself so that you maintain an entirely unbiased tone and are interesting at the same time.

A good way to do this is to tell the truth. Avoid stupid fights and know the facts. If someone is talking politics consider keeping to the facts and not spewing opinionated garbage and you will look very knowledgable whether you win or lose the argument. Also consider to back off when you lose and concede which makes you look like an adult. Nobody likes a spoiled brat whether they win or lose. Winners that flaunt their victory look annoying and stupid to losers who take loss well. If you lose right you can still look better when someone else wins, especially when the winner is an idiot.

All of these tools are good to use while running your business because if you maintain a good standing with the communities where you live and operate in, whether that be online or otherwise, you will make yourself look interesting. That drives sales because people will want to know more about you. The best way to make sales online is to be a public figure. Always post content when you can. Attempt to keep people engaged and you will sell. If you only talk about your products you will not because nobody goes directly to a site to buy something unless they are already planning to buy something before they get to the website.

This means you need to always assume those viewing your site no nothing about you or your products and that you make sure everything on your site is tailored to those first viewing it. Then, using digital marketing and content like blogs and posts on Facebook you keep your base that knows you informed and following you for updates on you and your services. Your site is for everybody, your social media is for those who already know who you are. That’s the basics of understanding how to run a start-up.

You also need to make sure you’re advertising to the right audience. Many people do not know or care about the content you are delivering so be certain you are talking to the right people. Obviously someone like me knows exactly what they’re talking about here and so I would suggest to consult a professional at this point because SEO and Digital Marketing are tools that ensure only the proper audience is viewing your content.

But, basically, you don’t want to be a construction company marketing yourself to people who operate solely online and don’t need a new office. Or, you don’t want to be a bitcoin company marketing itself to 12 year old children who know nothing about money management while they watch Nickelodeon during peak hours. It’s important to know who your audience is and to make certain that is who is viewing your content. Just saying, I can very much help with this as a freelancer and offer low rates and easy payment plans to help set you up with quality SEO and Digital Marketing services. Contact me for more information and thanks for reading my blog!

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