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Google loves new pages. Let’s say that you add your page to Google Search Console and you want to rank higher for a specific keyword. A great way to do that is to open up a blog. Seriously! The blog adds new pages for Google to index. Google Search Console can’t get enough of these newly added pages and every single new page added increases the search ranking for your site. Now, let’s say that is not enough and you want an even higher ranking. External and Internal links are the way to go!

So, what do I mean by external and internal links? Well, external links are links found on other websites like Facebook and Twitter that point to your website. So, let’s say you want to increase in search ranking but everything else is OK and you don’t want to change it. Then, external links can help in a big way. If you share the link to your site with others on social media the clicks increase exponentially. Social media is a place where people gather to share ideas so it makes perfect sense that here is the place that external links would garner the most attention. So, if you have a link to your site, share it. As many as you can and add convincing advertising to it. Have those links placed all around the web and Google Search Console will find it and it will increase in search ranking. Be sure to add the keywords to your post. This is a great way to increase site traffic without having to spend any actual advertising dollars.

Internal links are a great way to have Google Search Console increase your ranking from within your site. Adding internal links to pages that already exist increases the link density on your site ( amount of links ). Just make sure that those links you add are not broken links or Google Search Console will cause an error and it can actually cause you to rank down for that instead. That’s not wanted! So, be careful what you do with your links because you want everything to be working for it to rank higher.

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