The Tesla Cybertruck Is Great for Military and Police

Cybertruck Official Trailer by Tesla Motors

The Tesla Cybertruck looks like a piece of junk. But, it’s very stable and super protective against dangers like fire and heavy objects which is a perfect fit for military and law enforcement whose jobs put them in harms way on a regular basis. These trucks can mean the difference between a life and death situation for many public officials and police officers. In the military we can use these to replace Jeeps which leave many wide open to RPGs and snipers. These Cybertrucks contain bullet proof glass and a solid steel enclosure that is extremely tough and strong enough to resist a collision between two vehicles.

Despite this, the Tesla model isn’t pretty enough for driving as a regular vehicle. Most would agree its design is like a brick on the road. It’s so funny looking and seems like it would fit in a Mad Max film where the crazies drive the heavily modified cars used tanks in war around the nuclear wasteland.

In the future I would expect Tesla would improve the overall outer design to match its functionality which is exceptional. This would provide an SUV that is highly sought after in a world where vehicular deaths are very common. The safety provided in this would be a big benefit to people with many kids if they can make it less like a tank that scares kids.

Tesla Cybertruck | Autoline Network Podcast

I think this is a perfect start to Tesla building a solid lineup of future models. This product is sound and useful. Even without the great outer design the SUV is definitely functional and does its job well. It was designed as an SUV to protect yourself from the dangers of the outside world and it has accomplished that to a great extent. There are rarely vehicles made that are this well endowed with features that are so efficiently executed. I don’t understand who thought of the SUV’s design but it was definitely one of the worst car designs I’ve seen ever.

Besides that I can see a wide array of uses for this particular vehicle. Military and Black Ops can use it to protect themselves from RPGs and gunfire while on missions in enemy territory. Police and FBI can use it to protect themselves from violent gang members and criminals when behind enemy lines or in undercover operations. Civilians can use it when working in construction zones or in territory where a lot of falling debris reside. This is a very useful tool and it’s not just an SUV. This device will surely save lives. It’s definitely ugly. But it’s going to sell like crazy anyway.

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