A Wonderful Entry Into Amazon’s Lineup. The Boys Does Impress.

What if superheroes were real people? What if they were not perfect and nice like all the movies would want you to believe? What if they were evil? This show puts an interesting spin on superheroes and turns them into realistic human people. Some are good and some are bad. Nobody is perfect and everybody has their very complicated internal issues to sort out. As always, TV shows try to advertise and steal your time so they will obviously exaggerate how good it is. So, is it any good?


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  • The Boys

This show is an epic example of TV done right. The characters are different and unique. No character is the same or carbon cut from any movie I have seen in recent years. There is no simple badass character taken straight from the Predator or Die Hard movies but instead realism crafted into a supernatural world full of heroes and villains.

The show puts a dark take on the world of fighting crime and turns it into a very believable story. If there were real people with superpowers I doubt all of them would be decent people. Honestly, that’s why I love this so much. This TV show allows the world of adults that have grown up with superheroes for years to finally get their take on the world of fighting crime with superpowers.

I feel for far too long there are just too many movies that do not take seriously the lack of realism. I want a Batman that is more real and less perfect. I want characters that have issues that make sense and not these guys that can handle anything thrown at them. In real life, that’s not the case. Even with superpowers they are still people and any mental stress would affect them exactly the same as any other person.

I find it very unrealistic in Marvel and DC movies when characters like Captain America never falter and always make the right move. It is so childlike that Captain America is the perfect soldier. Where is the man behind the mask? I want to see who he really is. This TV show sheds a light on that and I love it.

The story is full of surprises and has twists and turns everywhere. It’s also very funny and has great comedic timing. Some scenes were so funny I couldn’t stop laughing. I reminds me of the comedy gold of some Marvel movies that I’ve seen recently. Yet, there is also dark scenes of intense sadness and human feeling that really turn a deep reflection on the inner workings of the human mind. I think they have nailed characters and character development directly on the head in full force with this show.

The action was great and I loved the special effects. I was amazed by a TV show having such amazing special effects! It was like I was in the movie theatre. It is amazing what Amazon is able to come up with and I’m sure it has a lot to do with Jeff Bezos being the most powerful business owner on Earth. But, besides that, it was also definitely due to a bunch of extraordinarily talented individuals who obviously have been doing this for years. There is movies that are not in the same league as the special effects in this show. Honestly, it’s unbelievable.

There are scenes that I didn’t like. Some scenes were downright gross. I remember a scene where a woman was having sex and it ended grotesquely in a sudden death because of her superpowers. I wondered why they even put that into the movie at all. I didn’t understand the point besides being totally gross. There was also characters I don’t understand the meaning of.

A character who is similar in powers to Aquaman is in the show. He is useless and does nothing but constantly talk to fish the whole time and hate himself. I found him to be funny but downright annoying. Any scene I saw him in I wish they replaced with another character. He was so useless I didn’t really see the need for him to exist in the show at all. He was also weird and found fish more interesting than people.

I also wish there was more to the ending because it left me with an enormously annoying cliffhanger where I want to see what’s going to happen and I hate cliffhangers. Now I have to sit here and wait until the next season to find out. I wish they could’ve left me with something but now I have to wait and that I find as annoying as clickbait.


9 / 10


A TV show worth watching because of its amazing take on superheroes. A wonderful entry into the world of TV shows and definitely a sight to behold as one of the best visual spectacles I’ve ever seen in a TV show.

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