AI is Here No Matter What so Let's Control It

AI is going to be here whether we like it or not. Eventually, hackers and evil identities will find a way to utilize AI with or without us. There is no real way to control this issue. Where guns are physical and can be contained AI is much harder to control and its occurrence can happen without us seeing it. There is no clear way for a user to know they’re being spied on without a tech notifying them in some way. Unless the person knows their stuff it’s hard for a regular user to identify AI monitoring their every move.

Because of this, the war to protect the individual security at home is effectively over and we’ve lost unless we attempt to integrate AI into society and use it to protect the same people hackers seek to exploit. AI is inevitably going to be used to monitor, steal and use data against our will. In fact, it’s already being used by the military and has been very successful in gathering data against other countries. Russia likely used AI in their election meddling schemes across the world that targeted various countries and AI is increasingly becoming a tool of war and peace.

There recently were Silicon Valley tech geniuses talking about the dangers of AI at a summit in California. Even these leading professionals are worried AI would snoop on them against their will. The fact of the matter is AI is impossible to continue to progress with or without our help. We’ve created it and now we have to manage it. Like a parent and a child we can’t leave it because it will grow without us. Watson will continue to learn unless we destroy it. AI can just be re-built by someone else and used against us.

My point is even if we destroy AI entirely it can always be re-created. There is no way to tell if we are being snooped without investigation and if we do not have AI assisting us in finding these bad guys who will? They are undoubtedly using AI against us and if we sit here debating about the merits of AI eventually terrorists will acquire the technology and we will be vastly underpowered in our war against them.

We need AI. We don’t have a choice.

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