The Benefits of a WordPress Network Sites is How Everything is in a Central Location Which Makes Management Easy

WordPress Network


Having a WordPress Network allows for all sites to be in the same place for easy management. This is a great option for business owners who need to stay on top of things. There are drawbacks including the ability for the whole site to go down if it’s DoS (Denial of Service) attacked. This is because all WordPress sites in the network use the same resources which make the entire site drop if one site is successfully DoS Attacked.

Benefits vs Drawbacks

The main benefit of a WordPress network is easy management. For me and my current project a WordPress network is a great way to centralize all of the websites that my customer wants to control. He is definitely not tech savvy so it makes perfect sense to give him the easiest way possible to manage such a large site. This site will be competing with so it will have 21 different pages for each county. Businesses will be able to open up their own website upon contacting the manager or lead developer of the website (I’m the lead developer).

Then they can pay for advertising space and use that to host their very own WordPress site. They have full control over everything on it and can design it however they want because they are admins of that entire site. As long as they follow the policy they can keep the lease. We control the site and they are subject to our rules since we own the domain and are the managers. We can tell them what to do and they have to listen.

That’s a big benefit to using a WordPress Network. It’s a very useful management tool and one that should not be underestimated. It’s also a very popular method of building WordPress websites.

There are some negatives like the difficulty of installing new templates and plug-ins. But for the site I’m working on above it makes perfect sense. The management team is small so using a multi-site gives the small team full access to all of the website in one central location.

Furthermore, there is a lead developer managing the whole project (me). I can always do all the technical jobs for the site. And since businesses are leasing advertising space on the server it makes sense for them to not have full control. It is a “lease” for a reason which is why a multi-site perfect because it gives the lessee the right to build whatever they want but allows us to control what they are doing at all times to ensure there is no breach of policy.

WordPress multi-sites are also subject to hosting plan limitations and there are many plans that simply do not allow multi-site in any shape or form at all. Always be sure to investigate and plan to ensure the website functions according to you or your client’s request.

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