WW2 and How It Affected the Japanese

A Period Drama about how WW2 affected the lives of the Japanese. It showcases how they are as real as everyone else and affected by war just the same and as much. Just because we are Americans, does not mean we are any different at heart. It’s a beautiful and tragic story of how the war ended up killing so many people that had nothing to do with Pearl Harbor or Hitler. It shows by example how regular people can get swept up in other people’s lives and wars without necessarily choosing it for themselves.

At the start it was very innocent. Growing up in a family in Japan meant respecting your elders. It’s easy to see in the movie. Weddings are apparently arranged often in Japan and there is no shame in the almost entirely arranged marriage to which she is only given the opportunity to deny the proposal.

Surely, she could marry someone she loves, but in the beginning it appears that arranged marriages are commonplace and she was marrying for standing instead of what she felt. So, that’s an interesting part of Japanese culture that is easily noticed in the beginning.

She eventually gets swept up in war and I can’t spoil anything for you, it’s a great story, but it gets depressing at times so if you are not into depressing and emotionally powerful films don’t watch this one. This woman has the resilience of a granite wall and she keeps pushing through times that would kill lesser men. I’m serious. It’s pretty incredible what this woman goes through in the movie and somehow makes it out alive by the end of it. I definitely care about her during the middle, but by the end I think she’s like a warrior for simply surviving it.

The story is well paced and flows smoothly from one scene to the next. It never feels rushed or forced. The beginning 30 minutes was a little boring but forgivable and by the end it was all worth it. The acting was not great but suits the movie well. This is also forgivable because of how great the storytelling is. Honestly, you wouldn’t notice watching the movie because of how good the directing and storyline is, but the acting is actually kind of horrible, lol. It’s not great at all. I wouldn’t put these actors in any big budget Batman cartoons, they would fail epicly, lol.

But, besides the minor gripes, it’s one of the best animes I have ever watched and it shows how great Japanese storytelling can be. American cartoons still have a long way to go to reach the emotional depth of these Japanese films. Too many American cartoons and animation lack depth and favor child audiences instead of adults, which make the stories lack emotional depth and meaning.

I hate when stories favor the audiences of children when there could be so much depth involved. Amazing sometimes the decision of directors when a comic book or written work contains so much useful content and they remove all the depth to make a cartoon for kids instead of adults. This is why until American movie studios actually start really considering animation and cartoons seriously, they will always be second best to Japanese anime, because they just don’t give a crap.

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