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Mailchimp and services like it allow your business to automate itself. Features like email autoresponders and subscribe forms allow you to get in close contact with your customers and capture your leads. Leads are another way of referring to customers that sign up to receive your marketing emails. A great way of converting your leads into sales is by using these tools.

Mailchimp even includes easy tools that allow you to build forms quickly and easily without any coding skill. This allows any person using a computer to be able to effectively manage their business. As long as you follow the instructions then working with Mailchimp should be a very easy task.

Creating marketing emails is as easy as drag and drop. Each block is easily changeable and customizable and offers 3 different methods of signups. An embedded form, a popup form and an entire landing page that you can use as a marketing tool to sign up friends without needing your website at all. The landing page is actually on it’s own domain.

Because Mailchimp is basically a digital marketing tool, it comes included with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posting features that allow business owners to post to all their social platforms from within Mailchimp to take advantage of its more advanced posting features.

It can link to websites like WordPress, Squarespace and more so that you can efficiently automate and easily connect without any coding experience. But, for us developers, they have API to allow the use of Mailchimp in the creation of custom applications and tools. API ( Application Programming Interface ) is what developers use to create an application and attach services like Mailchimp to it.

The API includes application specific instructions to allow the API to work in a separate environment than that which was originally designed. Mailchimp was designed to be used with Mailchimp services and on websites, but the API allows the developer to specify exactly where and how Mailchimp is to be used as long as the developer follows the policy rules regarding Mailchimp and its terms of use.

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