With the Threat of Nuclear Annihilation What To Do?

It’s easy to just say never, ever launch a nuke. But, what if someone really did want to blow you up? Would it be so easy to simply allow them to launch first? War is a simple concept. Fight or Die. In war, if we fail to protect our country it’s because we did not act when or as we should have to defend our country. Simple logic.

Which raises the question, is it reasonable to overcomplicate such a simple concept with emotions and confusing sorrow in a situation when it’s either you or them. The people against us, them, would have families and loved ones as well. If someone was threatening to kill them, what would you do? Watch it? Or act.

I know if it was me, I’d try to kill him before he kills any of us. In war, it’s the same concept on a much larger scale. In this situation it’s not single families but nations that are the affected. So, is it wise and safe to undergo the idea of never nuking a country when countries like North Korea exist and are a threat to the world?

If North Korea is allowed to fully complete their nuclear weapons program they will be integrated into the United Nations simply because we stood by and did nothing as they forced their way into our group. That is a dangerous prospect and allows everybody to operate in the same manner.

What I Would Do

North Korea has always wanted nuclear weapons in order to launch them at South Korea and the United States. North Korea has always been a threat and it will not go away simply because we ask them nicely to.

I feel that we should have taken them out of the picture a long time ago. Because if we continue to allow North Korea to build weapons of mass destruction, it’s only a matter of time before they use them on their enemies. Which raises questions, are we next? Also, if so, why?

Why are we allowing North Korea, a violent regime for 100 years to get away with threatening America, terrorizing South Korea, Japan and the Asian region, and then just watch them win? We should be putting a full stop to it.

Now, it’s obviously more complicated because they already have nukes capable of reaching California. But, if it were me and I was the president, knowing their end goals and how they stop at nothing to get what they want, I would’ve nuked them before they were able to build there first WMD.

Why? Simply because, North Korea is a threat. NK is threatening world peace and them building weapons of mass destruction is a problem. The world doesn’t like Kim Jong Un and nobody would miss him if he and his country disappeared. We are the #1 most powerful country on the planet, we need to operate like we are one.

We failed to protect our allies and allowed North Korea to build WMDs. For that, we should be ashamed. We should’ve prevented it at all costs. That was our job. If our military objective was to protect our allies, we should’ve ended NK before it became a threat, instead we watched as they became a threat and now kiss Kim’s behind like dogs.

I am humiliated watching how this administration failed at North Korea. I would never have made that mistake.

Human Rights Violation

It’s true that it’s basically genocide. Most people would probably be appalled at the notion. They’d say I’m crazy. But, it all boils down to whether in a nuclear war, you would die to save North Korea or your family.

North Korea has always been attempting to fight in a war with the U.S. But, it would first need to have enough power to do so. These nukes are a big step toward an inevitable war with North Korea. So, considering the human rights violation means nothing to me. Although, it is sad to have to kill innocent people along with the North Korean regime, it would be a necessary loss to prevent the inevitable rise of the North Korean fascist state as we see it today.

We are creating a problem we will not be able to easily solve. If North Korea was a problem before, it’s definitely going to be a problem now. I understand about the human rights violations but North Korea was always an issue. It was an isolationist country and nobody would’ve missed it if they all vanished.

It would’ve been the right move to protect the rest of the world.

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