Did You Know that Yellowstone National Park Will Eventually Blow Up?

I’m actually 100% serious! Yellowstone National Park is doomed to explode and be smothered by a fiery supervolcanic eruption due to it being the epicenter of a large pocket of magma underneath the surface of the park.

It is essentially a disaster waiting to happen. Much like California and the great earthquakes because of its fault line location, there will undoubtedly be a supervolcanic eruption at the center of the Yellowstone National Park. In fact, a supervolcanic eruption happens roughly every 100,000 years on Earth.

The last supervolcanic eruption on Earth was roughly about 631,000 years ago. This means we are overdue for another supereruption somewhere on the planet. This does not mean that it will be Yellowstone, however, because there are many other supervolcanoes on Earth. But, Yellowstone is definitely the biggest one out there and if it does go BOOM! we’ll all have trouble sleeping at night.

Except me… I probably will be eating pizza, LOL!

But, anyway, supervolcanoes are something that have been a natural occurrence on Earth since the creation of life itself. Here on Earth, we should thank supervolcanoes for giving us land because without the magma in the inner earth we would not have land. It’s the magma that became solid to form land we humans are able to stand on. Without these supervolcanoes of terrific and terrible force, we would not be here walking today.

So, without volcanoes we wouldn’t have a family and a loved ones because the world as we know it would cease to exist. Imagine a very different world that has no land on it. It is strange to imagine but if you look up to the stars we can see Jupiter and Uranus, those planets are gas giants and have no land. Ironically, if not for these disasters, we would not even recognize Earth at all.

But, luckily we don’t have to worry about a supervolcano in our lifetime. If we even start to recognize the tremors of such a catastrophic event it is theorized it would take years before the supervolcano actually occurs. We currently do not have the know how to understand what a supervolcano the size of Yellowstone would bring to the planet, but we will have a suitable amount of time to leave Yellowstone behind and to take shelter in the event that it is actually happening.

The fact that Yellowstone doesn’t happen right away should ease some people’s minds that a volcano will just erupt out of nowhere, that is not what will happen. People can still visit Yellowstone without worrying about eruptions of cataclysmic proportions. It’s a safe place to have a vacation for sure.

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