Daniel Serrano | Owner / CEO of Ninja Web Design

Ninja Web Design prides itself on providing top-quality services to its customers. Whether designing websites or logos, building applications or utilites, performing site maintenance or updates we always put the customer first and foremost. Customers have the #1 priority because Ninja Web Design knows that the customer is always right.

  • Demo Link
  • We always provide a “demo link” which allows our customers to communicate directly with us and customize their product to their exact specifications. With the demo link I provide my customers they are never unable to voice exactly what they want changed at any time.

  • 100% Free Technical Support
  • Ninja Web Design technical support is always 100% free for its customers. Nothing designed by us should ever have any issues so we prioritize our clients and make certain that our products are working no matter what.

  • Free changes For 1 Week
  • We provide all of our customers with the ability to customize their product for up to one week after the payment is final.

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Phone: 1-(862)-296-3618


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