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Full package deal with custom rates that fit your budget. We do it all. Get yourself a simple one-page website or a complex and feature-rich dynamic e-commerce experience. Whatever you need, we have the skills to do it.


Targeted Digital Marketing to keep you on the top of Google at all times. Never worry about search rankings, customers, or clients being affected by poor social media and online coverage.


We manage your website / content / systems for you. Professionals do tech better. Let us take the hassle out of the internet so you can focus on your job of making money whie we make making money easier for you.



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Over 200 Unique IT Skills


Why Hire Me?
Over 200 Unique Skills in IT and 7 years of experience in HTML / CSS / JavaScript make me a prime candidate for almost any job. I specialize in Front End Development, API, CMS and E-Commerce but have a team ready to handle almost any project that comes my way. I even know Back End Development and Full Stack which means I can build applications and tools that allow you to manage your business and not just the way it looks on the surface.
Do You Have Any References?
Of course I do! All you need to do is ask and I will provide them.
Where is Your Portfolio?
You can find my portfolio at this link: CLICK HERE! NOTE: This portfolio is under construction. I have much more content because this is a new version of my website. I will be updating this portfolio with lots more content in the coming weeks from projects long past.
How Does It Work?
I streamline everything for speed and reliability. Invoicing is used to send our customers receipts for their orders and keep information confidential with NDAs. Project proposal documents are generally used to ensure project scope is clearly understood before a project starts so that there is no confusion once a project is underway what is needed to be done. 1099 forms are used for legal records.
How Do I Pay?
  • Pay Upfront.
  • 25 % Down Payment.
  • Pay After the Job is Complete.
  • Weekly Payments (Example: $1,500 job stretched into $200 weekly payments until total is met)
Please Explain Your Process from Start to Finish
  1. CONTACT ME for a free quote.
  2. The client and I both agree on a plan of payment and a project project plan is drafted for a clear understanding of what is to be completed so there is no confusion later in the process.
  3. A demo (draft) project is started and I work closely with the customer throughout the development process.
  4. Once the client is happy and satisfied the project is complete and payment is final.
What Forms of Payment Methods Do You Accpet?
  1. PayPal
  2. Stripe
  3. Square
  4. Zelle
  5. Venmo