Search Engine Optimization is Best with Healthy Backlinks

SEO is important to a successful business. During times like Covid-19 and other recessions, having a strong listing on Google search and being found on the 1st page is perfect for a resilient and healthy business.

What is a Backlink and How Can It Help Your Business Grow its SEO?

Backlinks are shared links that link back to your website from another website and are one of the most important ways to improve your search engine ranking and land the 1st page listing on your keywords.

But, how do we implement this strategy effectively ensuring proper SEO results?

Automation is Key for Properly Implementing a Backlink Strategy

Automation is is key when implementing a proper marketing strategy. For example, a new website that needs good search ranking would benefit greatly from automated posting using a plugin like These tools allow a website to dramatically increase the number of backlinks created instantaneously by quickly posting automatically to social networks when something is posted on the website.

All of these new posts on social media would then link back to your website ensuring a large number of backlinks. The more the better for SEO results.

SEO Backlink Tips - How to Maximize Backlinks - New Jersey
Figure 1-1

After You Implement a Backlink Make Sure It’s Marketable

Any backlink created should be designed to be enticing for users. Many people forget how important social media meta tags are when sharing content online. Would you want to click on something without a title, image, or description? Figure 1-1 displays a proper backlink with social media SEO. This is the optimal display of a post on Facebook using social media SEO.


SEO Backlink Tips - How to Maximize Backlinks - New Jersey
Figure 1-2

How Does a Backlink Improve SEO?

Any backlink created improves the ability for Google and other search tools to find your links to the website across the Internet. Because a large part of SEO and your current search ranking is about how well your site is found in comparison to other sites like yours online, a backlink increases your abiliy to be found which increases your search ranking.

How Does a Backlink Improve SEO?

Results similar to Figure 1-2 are only possible when backlinks are implemented properly. This is why it’s incredibly important to maintain your SEO with posting every day or two. Posting new content on your website and sharing the link is crucial to ranking your website higher on search engines.

Posting on Social Media isn’t enough to increasing your SEO. It’s incredibly important to post on your website and share those links to other sites. That’s what increases your website SEO significantly. Always remember that content is King when it comes to marketing.

People want to engage with you and your website but they need something to read, watch, or be a part of. It’s not all about money to a customer. It’s the product they are receiving they are interested in. This is incredibly important in business, sales, and even SEO and how that content is displayed online for them to see.

SEO Backlink Tips - How to Maximize Backlinks - New Jersey

Have a Website Management Team Manage Your Content for You for Best Backlink Results

SEO is incredibly technical and requires know-how to implement a proper strategy that is successful. SEO takes time and results do not appear overnight. It often takes 4 – 6 months to even see the first results from an SEO campaign so it’s important to be aware of the time required to ensure that SEO is implemented properly.

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Consistently Write and Post New Content for a Successful Backlink SEO Campaign

Because SEO takes time to implement it’s important to consistenly and methodically write content on your website. The more backlinks created means the more likely your website will be found and clicked on by someone searching for your content on Google.

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