Elon Musk and the Code Universe

A Coded Universe That is Like a Computer Program. But How? We live on a planet that is a tiny speck in the bigger picture of this vast expanse. So why are we so keen on deciding there is no explanation to how it was built? The likelihood of there Read more…


Vue.js | I Love This!

Vue.js Is A Very Elegant Front End JavaScript Development Framework Using Vue.js is a very pleasant experience. I always loved coding but Vue.js has a very nice and elegant design which makes even the coding feel like artwork. Vue.js can be used inside HTML or inside node.js. I use it Read more…

Google Stadia

Google Stadia Is a Flop

A Few Weeks After the Launch of Google Stadia It Isn’t Doing So Well The launch of Google Stadia was so bad that it will likely be remembered as one of the biggest gaming blunders of the 2010s. There were missing 3rd party games at the launch of Stadia and Read more…

Tesla Cybertruck

Tesla Cybertruck

The Tesla Cybertruck Is Great for Military and Police The Tesla Cybertruck looks like a piece of junk. But, it’s very stable and super protective against dangers like fire and heavy objects which is a perfect fit for military and law enforcement whose jobs put them in harms way on Read more…

Black Friday Deals 2019

My Favorite Black Friday Stores I find that Walmart has great Black Friday deals. I always find something there every year that’s a great price. Last year I bought a Vizio Ultra HD TV that is so good I could swear I’m in a theatre. They offer an impressive lineup Read more…

The Dangers of AI are Almost Real

AI is going to be here whether we like it or not. Eventually, hackers and evil identities will find a way to utilize AI with or without us. There is no real way to control this issue. Where guns are physical and can be contained AI is much harder to control and its occurrence can happen without us seeing it.

Intel’s OneAPI and How It Can Compete With DirectX

The Intel OneAPI technology seems to have a great fit in AI. I have not been able to use it but the sound of an API that allows a developer to create a program on one device and have it work automatically on other devices would make things much easier. Take for example how iPhone apps get translated over to Android. This could become very useful for Android and iPhone developers if this becomes successful.

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