My Favorite Black Friday Stores

I find that Walmart has great Black Friday deals. I always find something there every year that’s a great price. Last year I bought a Vizio Ultra HD TV that is so good I could swear I’m in a theatre. They offer an impressive lineup this year as well and they definitely have top sellers like the Xbox One X, Nintendo Switch and some brand name TVs this time around. That makes for a great start to Black Friday and it hasn’t even started yet.

But my favorite location is still They just have the most for sale on Black Friday every year and their system is actually very intuitive. They use a system that has a tier of deals and every so often the previous deal is replaced with a new one after the time clock expires. That means a deal only remains active for a certain amount of time before another deal replaces it. It’s very good because then there are many deals per day and there is always something new instead of static deals that do not change and require you to search the whole site to find them. In this way Amazon manages to put all the deals right in front of you to spot easily and make it less irritating when you miss out on something because the likelihood of that happening is small.

I can always be sure to find something unique and different at Amazon. I remember buying some really nice earbuds at Amazon and they have still served me well to this day. Those Klipsch earbuds were some of the most durable pieces of headphone hardware I have ever purchased. I’m glad I still have them because they still sound great. In fact, I had a better set of earbuds that cost more and were audiophile quality but were not durable enough to outlast the Klipsch earbuds I bought for $79. Amazing that a $200 set of earbuds died faster than a $79 set. I will remember durability as an important factor for earbuds even though it’s not usually a big deal because for me because all of my tech tends to stay in good condition for long periods of time. I take care of the things I buy.

Best Buy has some top-of-the-line products like laptops and TVs of higher quality than the likes of Walmart. I have to admit Walmart can’t really compete with Best Buy in quality and Walmart always seems to have lower quality products than Best Buy. That’s also an opinion and you are free to think whatever you want but I find Best Buy is definitely the place to find better quality things for sale at any day of the week. I don’t usually shop their for Black Friday but if that fact continues to hold true for me this upcoming Black Friday I might consider writing about it and what I think the difference between Walmart and Best Buy is.

I find the bigger companies tend to have the better deals and most products to showcase for Black Friday. Smaller companies tend to not be able to have a big enough inventory or large enough customer volume and sales to sell products for far lower rates. Amazon, Walmart and Best Buy definitely have an edge over these smaller companies that offer Black Friday deals because of this.

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