A Coded Universe That is Like a Computer Program. But How?

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We live on a planet that is a tiny speck in the bigger picture of this vast expanse. So why are we so keen on deciding there is no explanation to how it was built? The likelihood of there being a universe that operates underneath with no logic is proven false because of recent advancements in technology revealing the farther we delve into the universe and how it functions returns sensical things that prove there is logic underneath it all.

Of course our human minds are too small to understand the complexity of the universe. Human minds can only hold so much information. Our brains are like computers and inside there exists only so much data that can be saved.

So, if the universe is logical at its core then how do we understand how that works if we can’t store all the information gained? We would need to use AI to interpret the information gathered and store it somewhere for later use.

But is the theory of a universe that is made up of code insane? If the universe was designed to hold the consciousnesses of people than theoretically this universe can be a “simulation”. In this simulation we will be able to live out our daily lives unbeknownst to it taking place.

In this simulation we could essentially be studied and surveyed for information or perhaps other purposes. Elon Musk was attempting to find a reason to link religion and science together in a way that makes sense. I find it interesting to consider such a possibility and he’s right, the universe is very similar to a program.

If this is the case we could very well be in a simulation designed to test whether we should be “saved” or not. This would make God make sense.

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