AMD’s New Chips Offer 11.5 Hours of Battery Life

It looks like AMD scored an impressive victory over ARM and Intel. Microsoft Surface will provide more than twice the speed of the current Surface products. Surface is a big business powerhouse and Intel and ARM will likely lose a substantial amount of money without Surface.

The Surface 3 will come packed with a 3580U CPU and it offers 11.5 hours of nominal battery life. It’s also slightly faster than Ryzen’s mobile CPUs with one more compute unit. AMD compares the Ryzen chips on the surface with the architecture of the Xbox One X and Xbox One S.

AMD is gaining steam and overtaking Intel, the leading manufacturer in CPU technology. Intel is definitely not going away, but with AMD continually gaining ground it will likely not be the end of AMD strong arming Intel and taking their money away from them.

AMD processor technology has also improved over time and currently features performance to rival Intel at the same price point in many models. However, Intel still is faster per core than AMD in most situations which still allows Intel a speed advantage over AMD per core.

Intel processors are generally faster per core than AMD processors at the same price point while AMD generally offers more processors than Intel which also generally makes up for the lack of performance over Intel at the same price point.

Generally, Intel is faster and AMD is slower. If not for the added CPU cores, AMD would be slower than Intel. But, they are also more affordable than Intel. Intel is generally more future proof.

AMD gaining ground on Intel processors mean there may be a technology shift in the near future. If AMD gains enough ground, they might dominate the market in most handheld devices. AMD is already present in the Nintendo Switch and smartphones.

Maybe, AMD will dominate on other platforms as well. PC is a market usually dominated by Intel. But, that appears to be shifting as well. Especially if the performance line of the Microsoft Surface tablet is switching to AMD.

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