It’s Cultural

Racism is not what we’re born with, it’s what we’re taught. When we are young, we do not care what color skin the person next to us is. This is a concept taught by someone older than us. Those views are learned by the child from those around him. Children are easy to influence. Teaching a child something negative can happen even without the tutor noticing it.

Drunks can teach children to be drunkards. Violent families tend to have violent children. Consequently, racist households tend to have racist kids. Now, I’m not saying that is always the case but it’s a cultural thing because race is something that is highly dependant on race but also the family within that racial group. Not all white people are racist, but some white people are racist. Those parents teach their kids to be racist, whether they know it or not and whether it’s on purpose or not.

Racism can lead to intense anger against other races for no logical reason besides a feeling of the other not belonging. Whatever race you may be, racists are always feeling superior to their target “enemy” race. The feeling is most likely something they “know” to be true. Why? Because it was always like that, ever since they grew up.

This is not because they were born this way, it’s because they were raised this way and as far back as they can remember, racism is all they know. So, to these people, they’re not racist, they’re right.

The Problem

Solving racism can be complicated because it is difficult in a country like America, where everyone is free to practice and preach whatever they like, to tell these individuals they are wrong breaks the free speech law. That is actually 100% correct which makes practicing racism 100% legal as much as it is offensive to those around them.

It is even more complicated when attempting to convince racists that they are, in fact, racist. They will never believe they are racist because they were raised to believe it. Convincing someone they are racist can be as difficult to accept as the sky being yellow to someone who already believes it. It’s all they know.

To solve racism is to raise kids right. The way to permanently fix racism would be to eliminate and make illegal any teachings in America, of any kind, that would promote a view of America that would disqualify any race of anything because of who they are. Meaning, Blacks are equal 100% to whites, and women are 100% equal to men.

This will likely draw much criticism from racial groups because they believe this to be an incorrect assumption of the world and how it really is. Of course, fighting racism always leads to massive violence. WW2, Charlottesville, mass shootings.

Point being: The way we are countering racism is not only ineffective, it’s also counterproductive. It causes a resurgence of hate in racial groups which creates new followers that hate because of personal spite.

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To solve racism, we need to focus on the youth, not the adults. We are wasting our time to teach adults to raise their kids without hate. They cannot be changed, they are too old to change. Kids are young and vulnerable to influence, but they are also vulnerable to change in the right direction as well.

America will better spend its time focusing on changing the future of racism than the present. Changing the beliefs of children will change the future of the world. If we ever want to end racism, it lies with the children.

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