We’re Getting a 4th Season and I Personally Can’t Wait

Stranger Things is easily one of my favorite shows on TV. Netflix has become my favorite place to watch new and great TV shows. I can’t say that Stranger Things is the best show on Netflix because that is an opinion. But, I think it is and I am happy to say so. I think it beats many other of Netflix’s competitors offerings easily and without question. But, that is for you to decide if that is your opinion as well.

Since the end of Stranger Things 3, I have been wanting the cast to get more powerful so everybody can join in the monster killing. One big disappointment over Stranger Things 3 was how the only member of the group capable of killing any monsters was Jane, a psychic. I want more members of the group to either obtain superpowers like Jane ( FYI: watch the show to learn more ), or get more technology to fight them because the rest of the cast is essentially powerless without their psychic buddy.

Now, I also thought there was no real chemistry between Chief Hopper and Joyce, so they need to play it better because the acting left me wanting more from the ending of Stranger Things 3. I felt like they were forcing the chemistry and it wasn’t a natural closeness and I could almost tell they were acting which made it less like they were into each other.

I liked how all of the kids had a close connection by the end of Stranger Things 3, that is cool to see since there is so much violence and death surrounding them. They could use the support. I wouldn’t actually like it if they entered ST 4 without someone beside them the whole time, seems kind of depressing. What happens if they die? LOL! That would ruin it.

The whole Billy situation by the end was the right thing. Honestly, it was a pretty damn cool sacrifice by the end of the show and I honestly think ST 3 is one of the best damn shows because of how they pull off the emotional parts. Billy getting controlled by the creature was a sad thing to watch. The guy had all the job, the women and the luck to win. Sad to watch him die without any chance to redeem himself. So, by the end of ST 3, I thought it was great they gave him a shot and he took it which proved Billy was still there somewhere and he wasn’t completely gone.

I still think Nancy and Steve are idiots and they obviously are into each other. They keep denying it and it is incredibly annoying to watch. I see they have this connection thing going on and it’s so ridiculous they keep going “We don’t have this thing, what are you talking about?” back and forth and it’s really irritating. At some point they are just going to stop and it’s going to be less irritating when they do for sure.

I want there to be a massive battle at some point in the franchise. It would be really cool if humanity can leverage the powers of Jane for the town’s benefit. How cool would it be if everyone had their own unique ability that is solely dependant on genes and biology. Then, it would turn out to be like the popular anime “My Hero Academia”, which has taken the anime community by storm for being a high quality anime.

I personally don’t like My Hero Academia, but I do know it’s loved by many and I do like the concept of heroes with supernatural abilities that are unique to the individual. Plus, to integrate that into Stranger Things makes perfect sense because of the show. The scientists were already attempting to leverage Jane’s powers for themselves. If Jane gives in because things get seriously dangerous, humanity would have a fighting chance to stop the creatures plaguing the world.

To be honest, based on the situation, Jane might have no choice than to allow others to be able to use her ability. If the situation gets worse the entire Earth could be subject to the problem and Jane can’t be everywhere at once. Based on how the show works, it might be necessary at some point for humanity to learn how to control her powers in some way. That would be an interesting twist to a show that constantly twists and turns already, as it is.

Point being, it’s a great show and I can’t wait for Stranger Things 4.

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